fragments of time // AA Diploma 18 // 5th Year // 2018

While architecture is often concerned with the formation of space through the composition of solids, my project looks to fabricate a home environment based on physiological aspects; A home of performance. Where architecture is the stage and darkness is the performance.

The home of performance is told through a series of drawings as well as a short film and narrative built around a blind man. Not in the sense that this is a home for a blind man but actually the opposite. How darkness and a blind man’s idea of off-grid can push us, the seeing, towards a mantra state, where blindness and darkness is not the problem but rather the solution.

A temporary structure on the roof resembles that of a film set home where the experience of a blind man’s idea of darkness informs spacial and experiential qualities which produces an enhanced sensorial engagement with the world.

The worlds of light and darkness are symbolized by two primitive-like architectural forms bridged together. The world of the sighted is the world of light, its square. Its limitations are bound by the extents of its walls and grid-like structure. As a sighted person you see its hard edges and spacial composition. The world of Darkness is infinite, its round and has no edges, its limits cannot be seen. Sound becomes the measure of its space.

The narrative is told through three acts, memory, time and space and is the outcome of research from conversations and studies of the visually impaired.

Experiment 1 animation squareExperiment particles Simonsection pers testsection pers testlong section perspective resizedaxo resizedplan diagonalDans le noir square

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