Harp // App Branding & UI Design // 2016

Harp promo

“Everyone has a part of a song which they connect to the most. Whether it’s a drop in an electronic track, a catchy chorus, or that one verse of lyrical genius. Music is personal, and we understand that but it is now less about ownership and more about the experience. So, we created a bridge where there was none, the bridge between the process of finding music and sharing music. The bridge between making memories and sharing memories.” – Kesang Ball, Co-Founder

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Harp is about shared moments and personal memories, global communities and individual taste. It’s about what your friends are listening to, what that person across the world thinks you should listen to and it’s about why. Harp is about finding and connecting with music simply and quickly. We all have a part of a song we connect with the most. It’s your Harp.”

iPhone 6

Harp is a beautifully designed sound network, that lets you share up to 21 seconds of any track to your friends, followers or fans. Select your clip of sound, sourced from soundcloud, and share it with your network of friends and followers. Tell your story and store your musical memories. Build and customise your profile to reflect your musical identity. Follow your friends, favourite artists and influencers. See what’s trending and find new tastemakers to expand your playlists.

Harp was launched on the apple store in April 2016

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 16.11.12.png

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